6 Mar

Hi everybody! And welcome!

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Sock Cece Goes to Texas!

20 Oct

I got a cool invitation in the mail the other day from the kind folks at Kirkus. Opening up the envelope reminded me of the first pages from my first book, Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood: A Star is Bathed. Just like the folks in Tinseltown remake movies every now and then, I’m thinking now might be the perfect time to remake this book. Here’s where I’m headed (and please ignore the sloppy Photoshop stuff I’ve got going on here):

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El Deafo Extras: Mrs. Lufton revealed! (Well, kinda.) Plus MINI BOOK TOUR only a week away! (DC area peeps, I’d love to see you!)

16 Sep

My very good friend Mary Crockett Hill (check out her YA novel DREAM BOY with Madelyn Rosenberg) also works at the historical museum in the town where I grew up. She put together a nifty exhibit for the book, and I thought I’d share some of the things she had on display.

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El Deafo Extras: What did El Deafo first look like?

3 Sep

After I completed a very detailed outline for El Deafo, I decided I needed to create some finished-looking pages to show whoever was going to look at it for possible publication. It’s quite a bit different, in that I thought the final book would be dimensionally bigger, and I was working in my usual picture-book-y style. (Remember, I had NO experience with graphic novels, except for reading them and inhaling the amazing Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics 3 times in a row. I really did not know what I was doing.) I initially thought I’d be working in Illustrator (ha ha, yeah, right), so there’s that. I also did the color work for this, and since I like patterns and am too overwhelmed by life in general to add shadows to my artwork, my version looks like a well-lit fabric shop. Here’s what I submitted to my first choice as editor, the amazing Susan Van Metre of Abrams/Amulet (who luckily for me, decided to risk it). Definitely grab a copy of the book and compare this version of Chapter 4 with the final version in the book:

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It’s here! It’s finally here! El Deafo arrives via Pony Express…er, UPS!

2 Sep

The book is here! El Deafo is here!

When I returned from Georgia, there were a couple of boxes at our house.

photo 1

Could they contain what I’ve been so excited about for so long?

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El Deafo officially comes out tomorrow! Yeehaw, book birthday!

2 Sep

I’m excited! Tomorrow El Deafo is finally released to the world. I’m kinda terrified, too. Hopefully folks will like it, and it won’t offend anyone in the deaf/Deaf or hearing communities, and even the friends and teachers I wrote about in a not-nice way will say, “Oh, you were so right to write about me in that way, here’s some ice cream, let’s let bygones be bygones, and gosh, you’re so gorgeous now that you don’t have rabbit ears anymore.” I’d write more, but I just got home after a weekend on the road. Clearly I’ve gone to the dogs or something. Mmmm, wabbit stew!

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El Deafo Extras! BIG EVENT!!! The real Martha Ann Claytor Chadwick came to see me today!

31 Aug

So, I’m really, really excited and overwhelmed about what happened today.

I’m at the Decatur Book Festival. The book had been made available just for the festival, even though the actual release date is not until Tuesday. So, I was already having a great day when lo and behold, I look up, and I see these two smiling faces:

photo 1

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El Deafo Extras: A quick post!

30 Aug

I’m at the Decatur Book Festival and will be doing 2 panels tomorrow! Tonight I got to hang out with folks like Tony and Angela DiTerlizzi, Matt Phelan, Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, Kelly Light, Laurel Snyder and of course Tom Angleberger, plus cool book store owners and employees at Little Shop of Stories. Very cool!

I also visited Foxtale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, GA and got to spend time with the daughter of one of the book store owners. She’s a lovely young woman who has a cochlear implant. She and her mom taught me some sign language. It is time for me to learn some…FINALLY! Anyway, I got to see copies of the book for real…in a book store(!) even though it’s not officially out yet. Super cool.

A busy day today and tomorrow will be busy, too. I hope to have more pictures and stuff for you tomorrow, perhaps even very very early stuff that I did in the very beginning.

4 more days until the book is out!
Thanks for reading! And here’s me with Rachel of the Foxtale Book Shoppe!


El Deafo Extras: From outline to finished product

28 Aug

When I first started working on the outline for El Deafo, I called it EL DEAFO: A Semi-Autobiographical Superheroic Love Story (with Hearing Aids!). I’m glad I shortened the title. Who needs all those extra words? Not you, Dear Reader.

I thought you might like to see a bit of my process. It took me a long time to find my groove on this project. It was my first graphic novel, after all, and the learning curve for me was steep. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the graphic novelists out there who do more than one of these puppies are amazing people with a seriously keen work ethic. Whew. Anyway, I might share some of my frighteningly overdone earlier attempts later, but here’s an example of how I was working once I did find my groove.

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El Deafo Extras: Speech therapy

27 Aug

There is an early scene in El Deafo, after I’ve gotten my first hearing aid, in which I talk to my friend Emma for the first time:


It’s the only place in the book where I acknowledge that yes, not only did things sound funny to me, but I sounded funny to other people. Just like Emma and other kids my age (4 and a half), I was still learning the nuances of tongue placement and all that other stuff that goes with learning how to talk. Without sound (or with a version of sound that’s a bit warped due to hearing aids), it gets a lot harder to master speech.

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El Deafo Extras: Audiology and ephemera from Mom’s vault

27 Aug

My mother is not a hoarder. She rarely saves anything. She gleefully throws stuff away or gives things to Goodwill whenever given a chance. All greeting cards, receipts, and flyers are torn into squares and used as note paper. However, she chose to save a lot of paperwork over the years that was related to my hearing loss. She saved the Phonic Ear, too. It was almost like she knew that all that stuff would be useful to me some day. It was! I looked back over all of it when trying to figure out various bits and pieces for El Deafo.

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