Sock Monkey art from Christiansburg Elementary School

8 Apr

Sock Monkey with a tiny monkey

Sock Monkey visited the third graders at Christiansburg Elementary School on Tuesday, April 6th. Each student in each third grade class (of eight) takes home a small sock monkey and a journal, and then writes about what he/she and the monkey did together. A hugely successful project, as the pictures show.

Below is a personal favorite. I might have to make t-shirts of this!

And this one very talented (and prolific) kid has created a whole graphic novel about a superheroic sock monkey. It was thick. Real thick. And stapled together. I tried to buy it, but my “exact change” wasn’t exact enough. He did let me take some pics, though!

Here’s a page from the novel:

And another page:

And the back cover. I hope this kid goes into art…or advertising!

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