The Big City Awaits!

10 Apr

I’m going to the Big City to meet with some editors soon! And I do love a Big City, especially drawing one.

Here’s the Big City in Itty Bitty, which some of you may know:

Can you find Itty Bitty in this city?

And here’s another Big City, from a book I made for school that was never published:

Look at all them pigs!

My favorite Big City artist is Bernard Waber, hands down. Check out this cool Big City scene in his book, Rich Cat, Poor Cat:

And we’d all live in the Big City if we could live in the house on East 88th Street:

Greatest brownstone ever!

If you’re in the Big City, I’ll give you a wave when I’m there! But I’m still kinda glad that I live in the country.

2 Responses to “The Big City Awaits!”

  1. wken April 11, 2012 at 12:37 pm #

    Have fun!

    Having very little to do with your post, except that part about being glad that you live in the country … I was driving some high school students who live in New York City back to their boarding school, and they were complaining about how awful it is to be “stuck in the sticks” of New Hampshire. Such questions as “Why would anyone want to live here?” came up quite a lot. Periodically, one of them would note that I do, and he’d mutter, “No offense” as if that erased the previous comments.

    Then one of them looked up and saw the moon. “Wow. Can you see the moon every night?” he asked.

    “Just about,” I answered. “Which is why I would rather live here than in a big city.”

    Anyway … have fun and good luck with the meeting!

    • Cece Bell April 11, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

      Being able to see the moon at night is a great reason to stay in the country. Everything over-stimulates me enough as it is, so I’d better stay where I am. The sticks ROCK. Thanks for the good vibes! I think we will have a good time, indeed. I am especially looking forward to the FOOD.

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