Sock Monkey adds to his flat penny collection

25 Apr

Some of you may know that Sock Monkey collects flat pennies. Recently, an unnamed member of my family decided to clean S.M.’s collection by creating a vinegar/salt/baking soda soak for the pennies. The pennies are, shall we say, no longer with us. That’s right. They just about disintegrated. And there were a lot of pennies.

The pennies that were...

But, fortunately, S.M. has received some new flat pennies from some lovely people. And today, in the mail, he got this, from longtime pal and Resident Web Genius Kendrick Goss, a lovely man equally at home in the Past and in the Future:

The penny that is!

As S.M. said when he opened the envelope, “Squeeeeeeee!”

Amazing! Thank you, Mr Goss!

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