Introducing… Bellsy!

3 Jul

Hey! Have you seen this movie called Exit Through the Gift Shop? It is an incredibly inspiring movie about street artists, like the mysterious and anonymous Banksy, and Shepard Fairey, too. I loved it so much that I decided to take on an alter ego named “Bellsy.” What does Bellsy do? Well, Bellsy has a problem. She chews on her fingers on long trips, often destroying said fingers in the process. So, on long trips, she keeps her hands busy by embroidering stuff like this…

…and then puts the stuff up in public places, with the hopes that somebody might find it and take it and enjoy it. For reals!

So, I asked Tom Angleberger to take this one to ALA (in L.A. this year ), and he stuck it on a tree:

Maybe someone will find it. There will definitely be more to come. If you find one of these, take it, and enjoy it! And let me know where you found it. This project won’t get me any street cred, but I was never in danger of getting any street cred anyway.

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