Dave Lasky is my hero! Here’s how!

8 Aug

I went to college with this dude named Dave Lasky. Well, we called him Dave, but I think he goes by David now. Tom and I worked with him at the college newspaper. He was the graphics editor. We were on the graphics staff. Dave was the Kindest College Student in the History of the College of William and Mary. And he gave both of us a lot of guidance.

Well, here’s a picture of Tom holding Dave’s VERY BIG DEAL NEW BOOK at the Abrams office!

Look good? It is!

The book is called The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song, and it is a graphic novel about, you guessed it, the very musical Carter Family. Dave did all the artwork, and it was written by Frank M. Young. We got a sampler of it a while back, and it is amazing. It kind of has that Gasoline Alley look. But without the kid sucking the lollipop.

You can go to Dave’s and Frank’s blog to get a really good sneak peek at it yourselves in the video they’ve posted of Dave and Frank looking at their very first advance copy of the book. HUZZAH! (And how come Dave doesn’t have any gray hair, I ask you? He is TWO YEARS OLDER THAN I AM and I have gray hair! It must be that he still has that Zen-like peacefulness that I remember from college.)

And the neat thing is, is that Tom and Dave are kind of reunited under the Abrams umbrella, and I will be too, soon, as Abrams is publishing my own graphic novel that I’m working on as we speak. Let me tell you, though: I have a LOT to learn from Dave. He is the master.

2 Responses to “Dave Lasky is my hero! Here’s how!”

  1. madelyn rosenberg August 14, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    I have been waiting for this book to come out since you guys first told me about it eons ago! Yay!

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