More sneak peeks of EL DEAFO courtesy of 7 Imp!

1 Jun

Hey Kids!

Want more sneak peeks of EL DEAFO, plus a few other sneak peeks of my upcoming picture book I YAM A DONKEY? Check it out here at Julie Danielson’s amazing blog, 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

She posted this in part to promote Phil & Erin Stead‘s new blog, Number Five Bus Presents: Conversations with Book People. I’ll be the featured guest starting tomorrow, and you can also read the Steads’ first interview here, with the amazing Eric Rohmann.

You’ll get some sneak peeks of Rohmann’s stuff, too—as well as from Phil Stead’s latest book, Sebastian and the Balloon. Plus cool stuff by Jody Hewgill, too!

Other folks that the Steads will be interviewing include: Rebecca Stead, KT Horning, Mac Barnett, Sean Qualls, Sergio Ruzzier, Julie Danielson herself, Matthew Cordell, and Tao Nyeu.


2 Responses to “More sneak peeks of EL DEAFO courtesy of 7 Imp!”

  1. Margie Jackson June 1, 2014 at 4:33 pm #

    Oh my gosh, I totally had that same PE teacher.  And I was one of the kids under his foot.  Okay, several years, I had that same PE teacher.  😦   I love El Deafo!  Good for you, accomplishing that project, it’s just fantastic.   See you soon I hope….once I finish with my mom’s house(s) and now also my own (got notice to move right in the middle of everything else, landlord is selling).  What a year!  MaybeI can write a book afterward?!?   Love, Margie 

    • Cece Bell June 2, 2014 at 5:48 pm #

      Sorry you had the same PE teacher! He probably wasn’t as bad as I remember…but I was overly sensitive because I wasn’t any good at any sports. Bleh. Good luck with all the moving around (and moving around STUFF) you’re doing—that sounds completely overwhelming. You should totally write a book about it! Could be cathartic. xoxo!

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