El Deafo featured in Number 5 Bus and Robot6! Will numbers 7 and 8 be far behind?

2 Jun

What’s hot for summer and fall? Wearing too many layers, for one thing. The blog Robot6 (for Comic Book Resources) has deemed EL DEAFO pretty hot, too! And that’s kinda cool. Read what they have to say about the book here. What a treat to be on the same page as Lucy Knisley, who is unbelievably talented.

Also, if you have a little extra time, check out my conversation with Phil and Erin Stead on their new blog, Number 5 Bus Presents: Conversations with Book People. We talked about our favorite kids’ book authors and illustrators, about what it’s like to write and illustrate Early Readers, about spousal jealousy (!), and a little bit about EL DEAFO, too. We even compared stacks of books by our favorite authors/illustrators, and I think the Steads won. I had a great time typing with them!

2 Responses to “El Deafo featured in Number 5 Bus and Robot6! Will numbers 7 and 8 be far behind?”

  1. rowboat1 June 20, 2014 at 12:18 pm #

    Am a big fan of your work and was happy to randomly land upon your email convo on NumberFiveBus–which I also just randomly landed upon. There are too many interesting threads to pick up from that conversation, but I just wanted to ask, as a fellow Yummers lover, if you know Marshall’s book Speedboat, which is also a fairly obscure gem. I think it was reissued by someone in the 90’s but the original is a paperback 1967 Xerox Education Publication. And it’s classic clunky seemingly effortless genius Marshall–as always. He and Lobel are the twin towers of picture books. Bad metaphor. Lobel is too Talmudic to be a tower. And Marshall too wonkily constructed. And no one wants to be remembered as half or any part 9/11. But you know what I mean. I should stick to lurking in corners. Speaking up gets me no where.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading El Deafo. And just wanted to make sure you knew about Speedboat.

    • Cece Bell June 22, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

      WAIT A MINUTE!!! Are you Robert Weinstock? THE Robert Weinstock?!?! I LOVE your books. Holy cow. AND I love your website, too. You are a TRUE Marshall fan, based on your work. It’s sensational. I think you might be a new true friend for me. And by golly, not only do I not have Speedboat, I’ve never heard of it! I gotta get on the ball and find me a copy. Don’t stay in the corners! No one puts Bob Weinstock in the corner. Especially not Johnny Castle as played by Patrick Swayze! Just, wow. Thanks for writing. You’re awesome. Hope we’ll meet at a book thing someday!

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