Awesome El Deafo video by the coolest kids in California!

26 Apr

Check out this video, made  by 14 students in the Bay Area of California! And here’s the sweet note that went with the video…

Hi Cece! I hope you see this message. I am a middle school special education teacher in the Bay Area of California. Every year our school has a competition called battle of the books. Students read a number of pre selected books and then choose one book, and use Animoto to make a “book trailer” film. The school then holds a screening of the films and the students vote for a viewers choice award and the English department votes on an overall winner. My classroom is made up of 14 students with many differing abilities and strengths. They made their video based on your book, El Deafo. They won the viewers choice award as well as the overall best in school award.
They now get to compete against other middle school students in the district competition. They are very big fans of you and your books. They would absolutely love if you happen to see this and watch their video. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!

CONGRATULATIONS to these amazing kids for winning the viewers’ choice award AND the overall best in school award!

Here’s the link—enjoy!

4 Responses to “Awesome El Deafo video by the coolest kids in California!”

  1. Christina Nifong April 26, 2016 at 8:09 pm #

    This is so great!! We loved the book and we love that this class did such a great project from it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cece Bell April 28, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

      Isn’t it the coolest! Thanks for your kind words about the book and for reading it in the first place. xoxo!

  2. zoyyoz May 1, 2016 at 10:24 am #

    Thanks very much. I am readng ‘super sourde’ and I enjoy so much. I have hearing aids, so does my eldest daughter, Zoe, 18, and so does Valentine, 8. As it is worse for Valentine, she needs a microphone at school. She says, she ‘loves’ your book. You found perfect words to express how difficult it can be be when you bad hear. At home, my husband and my son hear very well but as it is more difficult for the 3 girls, we try to take it with humour !
    Please, forgive me : my english is so bad !
    All the best from the Larose Family, from France.

    • Cece Bell May 3, 2016 at 12:12 am #

      Hello Caroline! Do not apologize for your English at all–it is pretty close to perfect and probably a lot better than mine. I find it amazing that you know two languages, especially with the hearing stuff. I took French in high school but dropped out once we got to conversational French. YIKES! My husband and sons hear perfectly…it would be amazing if there were someone else in the house who was more like me. I love the fact that the three girls in your family are taking it with humor. That is the perfect way to deal with it. I’m thrilled that you’ve been enjoying the book and that it resonates with you. Thank you ALL for reading it, and big hugs to Valentine, for using the microphone at school and for loving the book. THANK YOU, or shall I say, MERCI, for reading my book! And even bigger thanks for writing to me! Hooray for France! XOXOXOXO, Cece (my name in French class was Cécile!)

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