Tomorrow: Chapter 4 of El Deafo!

12 Apr

The inside look at Chapter 4 of El Deafo airs tomorrow (Monday, April 13th) at 10:00 AM EST!

At this point in our adventure, I’ve pretty much lost my mind, as you’ll see. There’s lots of singing in the video for Chapter 4 — something I don’t normally do in public, or share — and I actually brushed my hair beforehand. But I don’t look much better…

Anyway, you’ll see some good stuff in this video…including the REAL LIVE PHONIC EAR and the TEACHER’S MICROPHONE that I used all those years ago. I even model it for you! And you’ll hear a funny story that is NOT in the book. And I talk about one of my favorite phrases, “the teachers’ lounge.” And did I mention the singing???

Here’s the link when you are ready:

Hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and sane. XOXOXOX!

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