An Inside Look at Chapter 6 of El Deafo is UP!

4 May

PLUS: Everyone’s #1 question gets answered: why are all the characters bunny rabbits???

I’m back with a new video! This time, it’s a deep dive into chapter 6 of El Deafo.

In this video, I talk about my friendship with “Ginny,” who is really a composite of two different people: 85% one person and 15% another. I talk a bit about the things I loved (and still love) as a kid: Richard Scarry books and the Beatles and the Muppets and armpit farts and Narnia (the first book in the series, at least).

I also talk about what it feels like when someone talks to you LOUD. AND. SLOOOOOW…and how it’s actually harder to read someone’s lips when they do this (even though the people who do so are very well-meaning, a fact that took forever for me to acknowledge).

Plus, a few pictures of the inside of my childhood home…what it’s like when you catch your mom smoking cigarettes…and me singing a Monty Python song!

It’s a fun one…and I’m already hard at work on the video for Chapter 7, which is all about one of my favorite things ever: TELEVISION!!!

Here’s the link for Chapter 6:

Thanks for tuning in. And May the 4th be with you! XOXOXO!

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