Woohoo! A deep dive of El Deafo’s Chapter 18 is UP…

28 Sep

…and my next guest needs no introduction!

Gosh, it’s been forever since I posted my last Inside Look video. Lots going on — mostly, my parents are in the process of selling my childhood home (they’ve been there for 44 years!) and they’ll be moving out before too long. It’s the same house that’s in El Deafo, and what a privilege it was to grow up in a big old house like that. So while it’s been great to be able to help them, I’ve gotten a little behind on my El Deafo videos. Alas!

However, this particular video is worth the wait, because GUESS WHAT? I did a Zoom interview with the one and only MIKE MILLER!!! My childhood crush!!! I mean, how many people get to interview their first crush!?!? Not many, that’s how many.

We had a great time catching up. Mike told me all about his life now, including cool stuff about his career and his family; we also talked about how I found him in the early days of working on the book, and the ways in which our memories line up (and don’t line up). Sometimes the interview is awkward because I KEEP INTERRUPTING the poor man. He was very nice about it but I think I would be a terrible talk show host, good grief. I’m ashamed of my manners. I guess I was that excited to see him again. You’ll see! (And yeah, this interview was definitely cleared my lovely husband, Tom Angleberger!)

Our stroll down Memory Lane took us not just past Chapter 18, but also past Chapter 16 and the Curly Pencil Incident. You will hopefully be as riveted as I was, hearing his take on this moment and various other moments featured in El Deafo.

Here’s what Mike looked like during those El Deafo years:

And here’s what he looked like right before he moved away:

Want to know what he looks like now? You’ll have to check out the video to see! Spoiler alert: he grew up to be a very handsome (and kind) man.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! I still can’t believe it, myself. So much fun. But grab some popcorn and a drink — it’s a little longer than usual!

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