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An embarrassment of riches (journal kept by 14-year-old me discovered by my Mama)

16 Jan

My mom found a notebook that I used when I went to a writers’ camp at UVa back in 1985 or so. I was 14. And clearly unhappy: “I want to go home. Only 4 more days left!” Hmmm.

The writing is just absolutely atrocious, including this bizarro poem:

A Day at Kroger’s

My eye caught a jar of pig’s tongue
And Alex the Kroger Man noted with cynicism
That the tongue over pastrami would enhance
Your taste buds like Crispy Cereal Snacks. I
Hunted for the suggested cereal but found Mr. Bubble
The bath salts that leave one feeling sagordantly.
Still hunting for the cereal, I found these incredible
Pickles among the Kroger Graffiti Candy.
Forever hunting, a man from Zen Folks’
Circular Church asked me for a donation.
“Listen,” I said, “This place is Kroger’s. It’s
no place to ask for moo-la.” He left & Mrs. Terwilliger
The crazy woman from the Toy Shop approached
and offered me a peppermint candy.
I hate peppermint, but politeness forced me
To accept with charrin.

Sagordantly? What? Charrin? What what?

There’s much, much more. All of it rotten!

Extra, Extra! A nut shows up in elementary school paper…

16 Jan

The school librarian of Eagle Rock Elementary School in Eagle Rock, VA, sent me a copy of their school newspaper. Eagle Rock is a great little school and we had a great big time. The students wrote a story about my visit. The best part of the article says that “Her walls, her cabinets, her bathroom, her door, and her whole house is made out of sock monkeys.” That is probably why everything feels so damp lately. The monkeys have absorbed so much of this rain we’ve been getting. Anyway, here’s the article!

I love me a wrap-around book jacket!

10 Jan

BUG PATROL (Clarion Books), a rollicking picture book that I illustrated for Denise Dowling Mortensen, comes out in February!

I got the rare chance to do up a wrap-around book jacket, one of my favorite things out there. Just picture the book’s spine in the in-between space of the cover and the back that I scanned in, and you’ve got a good idea of what the whole book jacket looks like when opened all the way.

This was my first experience illustrating a book that someone else wrote, and I quite liked doing it! Especially since the writing (and heck, the drawing part, too) of my latest project has been so, well, daunting. It’s always a treat to see the fruits of your hard work while you’re toiling in the fields of a different project.

Onwards and upwards!

Crankee Doodle stickers are here!

8 Jan

Lookee! Crankee Doodle stickers are here! I’m gonna take a bagging job at Kroger so I can pass these out to all the wee Kroger kiddie customers! And the book comes out in June!

Meanwhile…first one to respond to this post via Twitter gets a couple of sheets of these beauties!

Rabbit and Robot art from Eagle Rock Elementary School

8 Jan

Here’s a very late post featuring artwork by the cool kids at Eagle Rock Elementary School in Eagle Rock, VA. These kids were so much fun to visit back in November, and boy, can they DRAW!!! Thanks for the cool artwork!









Someone’s little sister loves Itty Bitty!

5 Jan

dear cece,
my kindergarten sister loves reading itty bitty almost every night.
she checked the book out at the library and now wants to buy it!!!!
she wants me to tell you that she is 5 and her birthday is in february and that she completely loves and adores itty bitty.
thank you for making it. attached is a picture of her holding the book. she made my dad look up your email so we can sen you this. thank you!
all the best,
two cool kids!

Even more Sock Monkliqué

13 Mar

Two more squares made while on holiday at Fairy Stone State Park!

More Sock Monkliqué

7 Mar

But wait! There’s more! And in case you’re wondering, the rule is that I can’t go out and buy any new fabric for this project. So I’m ripping up my clothes to get what I want. (Not really. But it sounds good… and kinda like something Sofia Loren would do say in the movies: “Buster, I’m ripping up my clothes to get what I want!”)

And one more…

Sock Monkliqué

7 Mar

When I’ve met my deadlines for the time being, I like to go back to the projects that I do just for fun. Here’s a quilt square for a Sock Monkey quilt. About four years ago, I received a bunch of cool portrait-style Sock Monkey drawings from an elementary school class. I traced the drawings and am turning them into the squares for my quilt

Hexed golden retriever

16 Jul