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Rabbit and Robot releases…TODAY!

11 Sep

Good heavens, I thought Rabbit & Robot in The Sleepover was coming out on the 25th. Turns out, it’s TODAY!

Well… wait. Maybe it’s “released” on the 25th. But it’s available NOW! So heck, let’s celebrate it now… and later, too.

Golly, gee!

You can read more about the book here.

And you are ALL invited to the Big Launch Party, which you can read about here.

And don’t forget the online contest! I got entries coming in from Utah! The Utahn competition could be tough! Are you daring enough to try??? ‘Cuz you might win some beeyootiful prizes!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the book if you check it out!

Rabbit & Robot Book Launch Party—YOU’RE invited!

2 Sep

It’s all true! We’re gonna have a big party to celebrate the September release of this book.

What: Come celebrate the release of Cece Bell’s newest book, Rabbit and Robot in The Sleepover
When: Sunday, September 30th, from 2:00 to 5:00
Where: Meadowbrook Community Center 267 Alleghany Spring Rd Shawsville, VA
(Even though the event is sponsored by Meadowbrook Public Library, please go to the Community Center at Meadowbrook to celebrate.)
  • Amazing contests—and prizes, too!
  • Delicious food and drink: Popcorn and Pizza (because they are in the book), Punch (because I like my food to be alliterative), and other gustatory delights!
  • A reading of Rabbit and Robot by local folks with great voices! (And by me, with my not-so-great voice!)
  • Fun crafts for kids and adults alike!
  • Free buttons and bookmarks featuring Rabbit and Robot!
  • Free hilarity!
  • Come dressed as either a Rabbit or a Robot and gain a chance to win a really stellar prize!

The library will be selling copies of Rabbit and Robot, Bee-Wigged, and Itty Bitty. I will be on hand to sign these. You are under NO OBLIGATION to buy anything. Just come and celebrate.

Good golly, it’s gonna be a whopper of a time. Sure hope you can join me!
And… if you’re far away, say, in the Massachusetts area, then consider going to Grace Lin‘s Book Launch party, which is also on the 30th of September. Her new book is Starry River of the Sky. Here’s a link to Grace’s party. HER BOOKS ARE AMAZING!!! If the new one is anything like her 2010 Newbery Honor book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, then we will all be swooning soon.

Amazing Jerry Bee Plush Toys! And Fan Art! And Unbridled Joy!

23 Aug

I did a couple of Skype visits with the kids at the Shekou International School, which is billed as “Shenzhen’s Leading School for Expatriates.” They are also billed by Sock Monkey and friends as the “Leading School in Generous Donations of Plush Toys,” because—remember?—they sent me these:


And their teacher, Kimberly Shannon, really and truly looks like this when she walks through the Halls of Academia at the school (I’m hoping on a daily basis):

The same tailor Ms. Shannon hired to make the toys also made this costume!

Anyway, after the Skype visit, they wrote to me. I wrote to them. And then they wrote back. And here’s a bold sample of what I got:

This would be the coolest fabric for a pillow, ever.

And I also received a 100% accurate drawing of me sneezing, and I’ll leave you with that.

The eyes spell my name!

Interview Blitz!

20 Aug

Hello again!

I’ve been interviewed a couple of times since my last post. Kathryn Erskine, whose powerful mid-grade book Mockingbird has made it to Oprah’s list (wowza wow wow!), sent me some fun questions that I had a great time answering. You can read that interview here. And then new friend Marshal Zeringue sent me some doggedly good questions about my dogs; you can read that interview here, at his blog Coffee with a Canine. (Marshal’s other blog is Campaign for the American Reader, which is “the official blog of the campaign for the American reader, an independent initiative to encourage more readers to read more books.” Can’t argue with that!

Thanks, Kathy and Marshal! And stay tuned for one more interview with Madelyn Rosenberg, who is celebrating the release of her new picture books The Schmutzy Family and Happy Birthday, Tree!

Dave Lasky is my hero! Here’s how!

8 Aug

I went to college with this dude named Dave Lasky. Well, we called him Dave, but I think he goes by David now. Tom and I worked with him at the college newspaper. He was the graphics editor. We were on the graphics staff. Dave was the Kindest College Student in the History of the College of William and Mary. And he gave both of us a lot of guidance.

Well, here’s a picture of Tom holding Dave’s VERY BIG DEAL NEW BOOK at the Abrams office!

Look good? It is!

The book is called The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song, and it is a graphic novel about, you guessed it, the very musical Carter Family. Dave did all the artwork, and it was written by Frank M. Young. We got a sampler of it a while back, and it is amazing. It kind of has that Gasoline Alley look. But without the kid sucking the lollipop.

You can go to Dave’s and Frank’s blog to get a really good sneak peek at it yourselves in the video they’ve posted of Dave and Frank looking at their very first advance copy of the book. HUZZAH! (And how come Dave doesn’t have any gray hair, I ask you? He is TWO YEARS OLDER THAN I AM and I have gray hair! It must be that he still has that Zen-like peacefulness that I remember from college.)

And the neat thing is, is that Tom and Dave are kind of reunited under the Abrams umbrella, and I will be too, soon, as Abrams is publishing my own graphic novel that I’m working on as we speak. Let me tell you, though: I have a LOT to learn from Dave. He is the master.

Happy times for Sock Monkey

18 Jul

It’s been a good couple of days for Sock Monkey.

First, he saw his name all lit up, show-biz style, at the Salem Fair:

Then, he received these gorgeous flat pennies from an admirer, the amazing Dark Hollow beauty, Mrs. B-C. She got these welcome additions to S.M.’s collection from Disneyworld(!).

Left to right, it’s Spongebob! Pongo and Purdy! And the one and only, Mickey Mouse!

Oh, S.M., you lucky duck, you.

A star, a star!

10 Jul

Guess what Sock Monkey got in the mail yesterday?

That’s right! My new book, RABBIT & ROBOT!  Sock Monkey said it was “pretty good, but not as good as three certain books featuring me, me, and me, and, boy, have you seen Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen’s EXTRA YARN? Swoon!” So I said, “Humph!”

Fortunately, Publishers Weekly liked it a lot better than S.M., and even gave it a STAR. Hooray! You can read the review here. Huzzah!

Sock Monkey adds to his flat penny collection

25 Apr

Some of you may know that Sock Monkey collects flat pennies. Recently, an unnamed member of my family decided to clean S.M.’s collection by creating a vinegar/salt/baking soda soak for the pennies. The pennies are, shall we say, no longer with us. That’s right. They just about disintegrated. And there were a lot of pennies.

The pennies that were...

But, fortunately, S.M. has received some new flat pennies from some lovely people. And today, in the mail, he got this, from longtime pal and Resident Web Genius Kendrick Goss, a lovely man equally at home in the Past and in the Future:

The penny that is!

As S.M. said when he opened the envelope, “Squeeeeeeee!”

Amazing! Thank you, Mr Goss!

Sock Monkey Boogies to Korea!

11 Apr

Here’s what I got in the mail the other day:

It's... magic!

The Korean Magic Pen Society bought the rights to Sock Monkey Boogie Woogie, so that it could be one of many books offered in its Smart English Project. The website I4U News explains how it works a lot better than I can:

The ‘magic pen’ has a camera based scanner built-in that reads codes hidden in the book. It matches the code with the data on the corresponding cartridge and reads the text or triggers sounds.

And it really works!

So, believe it or not, Sock Monkey is helping Korean kids learn how to read English! If only he would help me learn how to read Korean. Apparently, he does know how. He’s just not telling.

The Big City Awaits!

10 Apr

I’m going to the Big City to meet with some editors soon! And I do love a Big City, especially drawing one.

Here’s the Big City in Itty Bitty, which some of you may know:

Can you find Itty Bitty in this city?

And here’s another Big City, from a book I made for school that was never published:

Look at all them pigs!

My favorite Big City artist is Bernard Waber, hands down. Check out this cool Big City scene in his book, Rich Cat, Poor Cat:

And we’d all live in the Big City if we could live in the house on East 88th Street:

Greatest brownstone ever!

If you’re in the Big City, I’ll give you a wave when I’m there! But I’m still kinda glad that I live in the country.