Politics aside…

January 30, 2017

I wrote to one of my congressmen today. Here’s what I wrote.

Dear Mr Griffith,

I grew up in the same town that you did, and my parents live on the street where you currently reside.

Salem, Virginia is a great place. I learned a lot of things in Salem from the people who live there, and one of the things that I learned is that you treat people with dignity and respect, and that you help ANYONE who needs help. I would hope that living in Salem has exposed you to these kinds of lessons as well.

While I understand that you might want to stay loyal to your party, I am hoping that you and the other Republican Congressmen who represent our state are able to know when it’s time to stand up for those who need help. I don’t know how you feel about what’s going on with this president and his actions on immigration. But I do believe that if you’re in agreement with Donald Trump on this issue (and plenty of other issues that I won’t go into here), then you are not operating on the side of good.

I marked “family values” because immigrants who are trying to come to the United States have the same hopes and dreams, the same wants and needs, the same connections to friends–and yes, family–that you and I have. To prevent them from trying to make better lives for themselves and their families is very, very wrong.

Anyone who cozies up to this president or is bedazzled by his power is instantly tainted by insidious evil. I hope to discover that you are stronger than those who have succumbed to Donald Trump’s black soul.

–Cece Bell

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