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Bee-Wigged is part of Candlewick’s Story-Hour Kit!

9 Feb

This is exciting! my book, Bee-Wigged, was chosen for Candlewick’s Read to Us! Story-Hour Kit.

The kit which is FREE for anyone to download has ideas and activities for sharing four books with kids:

The Pencil, by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman

Little Beauty, by Anthony Browne

Bee-Wigged  by Cece Bell

and What the Grizzly Knows by David Elliott and Max Grafe.

The idea was to connect the common themes of these books: friendship, loneliness, imagination and the importance of being true to yourself.

For Bee-Wigged the discussion guide includes this: “Jerry is described as artistic, generous, helpful and funny. Ask children how they would describe themselves.”

Plus, there’s a coloring page with “B” words and this cool Connect-The-Letters picture of Jerry Bee:


Jerry Bee’s 8th Day of Christmas

16 Dec

Here’s the star of Bee-Wigged, Jerry Bee a’milking a cow for the Eighth Day of Christmas:


Bee People Video from “Bee-Wigged” Launch Party

6 Dec


Here’s the long-awaited Youtube video (slideshow, really) of photos taken of people posing with the Carnival Cut-Out Jerry Bee at the Bee-Wigged Launch Party. It was such a hit, I’m taking it to today’s booksigning and probably to many more events in the future….

Bee-Wigged reviewed in 100 Scope Notes

24 Nov

Bee-Wigged got a great review from 100 Scope Notes. it starts like this:

Quick, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard lately? How about a bee, wearing a toupee, who is mistaken for a child?

Read the whole thing: http://100scopenotes.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/book-review-bee-wigged/


Bee-Wigged Party was GREAT!

23 Nov

Wow! What a time!


We’re not sure how many people were there, but all 153 cupcakes were eaten!


The good folks at Ram’s Head Books handled the sales for us and said about 100 copies of Bee-Wigged were sold along with many, many Sock Monkey books. So that’s a great start for Jerry Bee!

And so were his first three public readings, by three All-Star Librarians … Brian Compton, Miss Allison and Cindy Minnick (below).


More photos to come!

The Make-your-own-bee crafts were a huge hit. I’ll be posting a lot of those photos as well as a blank BEE for you to try, too, if you missed the party…


FOR MORE BEE-WIGGED PARTY PHOTOS AND FUN: http://plasticpumpkins.blogspot.com/2008/11/bee-book-and-candy.html