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Altruistic platypus

26 Apr

Sock Monkey Christmas coloring pages!

22 Dec

Download, print, color, cut, hand, treasure, pass down through the generations…


Want the JUMBO version for hi-quality printing?

Sock Monkey is copyright 1996-2008 by Cece Bell

The Sock Monkey books are available on amazon.com or from your local bookseller. See the links at left…

Sock Monkey Christmas Card 2008

24 Dec


Mele Kalikimaka from Kakini Makinika*!

*That’s Merry Christmas from Sock Monkey in Hawaiian!

Sock Monkey Cards of Christmas Past

20 Dec

Every year I make a Sock Monkey card for friends and family.

Here are a few favorites from years past:






Jerry Bee’s 8th Day of Christmas

16 Dec

Here’s the star of Bee-Wigged, Jerry Bee a’milking a cow for the Eighth Day of Christmas: