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Even more Sock Monkliqué

13 Mar

Two more squares made while on holiday at Fairy Stone State Park!

More Sock Monkliqué

7 Mar

But wait! There’s more! And in case you’re wondering, the rule is that I can’t go out and buy any new fabric for this project. So I’m ripping up my clothes to get what I want. (Not really. But it sounds good… and kinda like something Sofia Loren would do say in the movies: “Buster, I’m ripping up my clothes to get what I want!”)

And one more…

Sock Monkliqué

7 Mar

When I’ve met my deadlines for the time being, I like to go back to the projects that I do just for fun. Here’s a quilt square for a Sock Monkey quilt. About four years ago, I received a bunch of cool portrait-style Sock Monkey drawings from an elementary school class. I traced the drawings and am turning them into the squares for my quilt

Caffienated monkey

25 May

Caffienated monkey — S.M. in nyc!

Sock Monkey Christmas coloring pages!

22 Dec

Download, print, color, cut, hand, treasure, pass down through the generations…


Want the JUMBO version for hi-quality printing?

Sock Monkey is copyright 1996-2008 by Cece Bell

The Sock Monkey books are available on amazon.com or from your local bookseller. See the links at left…

Happy Holidays from Sock Monkey and Cece Bell

17 Dec

And for an extra cup of Sock Monkey Christmas Cheer, don’t forget his famous coffee commercial from last year…

Scary Sock Monkey Pumpkin

27 Oct

Sock Monkey’s had a brain transplant from Dr. Frankenstein!


Happy Halloween from Sock Monkey

13 Oct


Liverpool loves Sock Monkey

2 Feb

Just bumped into this review online, about Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood, aparently from the Liverpool Echo:

It’s absolutely fabulous. It’s got humour, a great storyline and clear and colourful illustrations; and I reckon it would be a hit with adults, never mind young school children.


Sock Monkey Christmas Card 2008

24 Dec


Mele Kalikimaka from Kakini Makinika*!

*That’s Merry Christmas from Sock Monkey in Hawaiian!